They say life is mirror and you get reflected back what you put into it.

Makes sense right?

Except when you try to be really great, focus your energy on the postitive and live with compassion and kindness and then S#!* still happens.

What gives right?

Look no one ever said that things would be easy.  The deal is can always be a lot worse and you can get stuck there, on that page of your life, much longer than you have to be. 

I love the image of life being a book, the story of your journey.  For someone like me it's a no brainer.  I love to read and often fall in love with the characters of a really good story. 

Somewhere I read a quote about making sure it was me who was in control of the way the story played out. I hold the pen. Still, a story needs some excitement and life surely complies.

The thing is bad stuff does and is going to happen.  Sometimes it's because we goofed, sometimes it's a lesson we still need to learn, sometimes people will hurt you and sometimes bad stuff just is.  No matter that.  Keep in mind that in your life story...or your life pages as my good friend Deeone Higgs calls it...pages turn.  Chapters close and begin anew.

You can survive it, you can grow from it and you will become the person you want to be if you let yourself. 

You can only own your own life story, your own karma.  Without the darker times we would never learn what an amazing thing it is to shine out light out into the world.

Who's writing your life story?