This weekend I was blessed by conversation with Eleanor Ross of   I have to say I ended up with 4 pages of things to reflect on. 

I hope you've had time to listen to the replay.  Leave us your comments and questions below this post.

For those that registered Eleanor asked me to add this link to her book (which is FREE by the way) entitled Women On Purpose.  Being me I had to grab a copy also and boy am I glad I did.  It fits beautifully into Coffee with Soul.  In it's covers (does that still work with ebooks? lol) you'll find a number of lovely ladies sharing their own reflections on finding their own life purpose.  

Even if you didn't register I have to share it with's that wonderful. 

Things have really been so wonderful with this series I have to tell you I have begun to look forward to these calls because I too get so much from them.  Please share with me what you found helpful, enlightening and inspiring.  Let me know what you want to know more about.

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The nice part about that page is I will make announcements there too regarding upcoming calls, put reminders and links to some of the offers that the speakers often have.  Add in a community of people who are life long learners and who share the same mindset around personal and spiritual growth and we are looking at creating something amazing.

Keep well,