Let the day happen, by letting go of the hurry.

Why are you in such a hurry? Do you know?

It seems as a general rule people today are in a state of ‘I need it now’. Go, go go!

Instead, take a moment, breathe deeply, relax.

Do this right now. Close your eyes, take a couple of breaths and slowly let go of the hurry.

Too many of us are living either in the past or the future and we are missing out on our today. We have lost the art of living in our here and now and experiencing the joys and beauty contained within the moments.

Feel your feelings right now. Accept the gifts of this moment.

Let the day happen.

There is no point in fretting over problems we cannot solve; instead focus on solving today’s problems. On the steps you are taking right now.

Trust that you are right where you should be to learn the lessons you need. You are where you have been going to work on your own healing and understanding.

Let the day happen.

Be here right now, where you are. Look around, breathe it all in. Tomorrow will come no quicker or any slower if you worry about it. This moment is what you have to enjoy. Find the joy in it.

Trust that by being here today, you will find what you need for tomorrow.

Bonnie Copeland
Personal Growth Coach and Mindset Mentor